Saturday, January 31, 2009


My fabulous sister-in-law, Kristal, wrote on her blog about renting the movie "Fireproof" to watch this weekend. Well, Lantz and I were inspired to do the same thing. We watched it last night with a bowl of cereal. (Side note- I love cereal. I think I could eat it for every meal.) This movie was amazing. If you have not seen it then you should rent it immediately. It is a Christian based film with an awesome message. It is about a firefighter who is struggling with pornography, and his wife who is flirting with a man at work. Obviously because of their choices that they are making their marriage is struggling, and finally can't withstand anything else. In a final attempt to save his marriage Caleb, the firefighter, takes a 40 day challenge from his father. It the midst of this challenge Caleb saves his marriage and more importantly gives his life to Christ.

Rent it. Yes, parts are cheesy, and yes parts appear cheaply made, but it is so good. Lantz and I both thought it was a great reminder of how to treat our spouse. It's also very clean- rated PG. Happy watching.


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  1. I would was a great movie with a wonderful story line. Not the best acting, but a very good movie! I bought the Love Dare book and will be starting it tomorrow (and not because we are about to get a divorce), but because I want to put more into my marriage than I have. It's so easy after kids come along and daily life to let little things get in the way....I just want to make a new commitment to myself to be a more Godly wife.