Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europe Trip Summer '09

Since Lantz and I got married we have had a credit card that we can accumulate airline miles from with each purchase. Our goal over the last 4 years has been that we would use those miles for Europe. (We've also been saving money for the trip, but that's a side note.) It has really been great for us. I would not recommend this process to everyone, but if you are disciplined, then it really works. We use our credit card for EVERYTHING-- even a stick of gum. We rarely, if ever, carry cash. Again, I would not recommend this to just anyone. But, we of course pay off every penny every month (which most people don't do, and so they acquire alot of debt). We are extremely frugal people in case you are unaware. So, this plan has been great for us so far.

So, on with the story... We've been saving all these miles for like the past 4 years for Europe, and we'd been looking to purchase our airplane tickets over the last month. Well, when we started looking we got way bummed because it was going to cost us 50, 000 miles per person to fly over and 50, 000 miles per person to fly back. All of the equaling a grand total of 200,000 miles total, but the problem was that we only had 160,000 miles... aka not enough. So we were going to have to use airline miles for one ticket and spend $1,500 on the second. We were not excited about this at all, but we couldn't really do anything about it.

On Tuesday night before we left for our adult small group bible study Lantz was showing me how all this airline ticketing purchase thing was going to work. All of the sudden we see that on Continentals sight where it usually has said 50,000 miles over it now said 25,000 miles over. We looked on the flight back and it still said 50,000 miles back. So it was saying it would cost 75,000 miles round trip per person - which equals 150,000 miles total. We have 160,000 miles, and so that was perfect. We kinda were not exactly 100% committed to where we wanted to fly in and out of so we thought about submitting all of our paperwork later that night when we got home from small group, and plus we would have been a little late if we started the process. Well, after some debating we decided to go ahead and put through our information because we were afraid it was only like a one hour special. We put in all our info and picked our seats on the plane and pressed enter... waited.... waited... waited, and then Continental had this screen pop up that said they were experiencing a glitch. So we had know idea if our paperwork went through.

At this point we were already late to our bible study, so we decided that we'd call them after our small group. When we got home, and after Lantz was on hold forever, the person was like, "Yeah, the 25,000 miles were apart of our glitch- those were not supposed to be up online... but we are honoring everyone who submitted their paperwork... let me see if yours went through..." Are you kidding me??? This is so great... maybe... if our paperwork went through.... if not then this totally stinks!

But she gets back on the phone after checking through everything, "Yes, Mr. Howard it appears that we have all of your requests, so we will honor your arrangements." YEAH!!!! Can you believe it?!? Holy cow! We totally just saved $1,500! So long story short we are flying to Europe for FREE!!!! What should have cost us $3,000 is going to cost us $150 (taxes... which were even supposed to be like a million dollars more, but that was also in the glitch so we were honored with the original quote too!). I am so stinking excited! 17 days in Europe will be SO COOL!

I feel so blessed and I am so thankful to God. And I don't know if God cares about our trip to Europe, but I do know that he tells us not to be anxious about anything and to give all things to Him in prayer and petition. I know that I have been praying that everything works out for the best as far as our budget goes, and that everything work according to His timing. Again, I just can't help but to pray prayers of thanksgiving right now!

I know you are probably wondering some of our details. Well, we don't have everything exactly mapped out, but I'll give you a rough sketch. We are leaving from Vegas with a short layover in New York and then flying to Amsterdam. We plan on staying in Amsterdam for a few days and then traveling south to Munich, Germany for a few days. (We will probably stay somewhere between those two places.) Then from Munich to Venice. From Venice to Rome. From Rome to Tuscany. From Tuscany to Paris, and then we are flying out of Paris back home. I can't believe it! Neither Lantz or I have never been to Europe and so we just can't hardly wait. What an awesome 5 year anniversary gift to each other.


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  1. You two deserve! You are both so giving of your time to others...I'm glad that you'll be able to enjoy some total time for the two of you!