Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sawyer's Birthday

Every year on the girls birthdays one of us takes them to the donut shop & the birthday girl gets to pick out a special donut to bring home.  We grab "plain" donuts for everyone else, but the birthday girl gets to pick the "special" one. Here are pictures from Sawyer's actual birth day.


Don't judge our singing! Lol!

She went with the good ol' butterfly donut:

... but first the donut hole:

Chantzlyn was a big fan of Sawyer turning five! Lol!

 Five never looked so good:

We took cupcakes for her class the next day, but that night we sang to her again & ate cupcakes! Lol! We drag out the celebrations! 

Next up.... Sweets for my sweetie!  Sawyer wanted a "sweets" party... "No pizza, no sandwiches, no fruit... just sweets mom!"  I love that crazy girl!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chantzlyn is 20 Months Old Today!

I can't believe this little snuggle baby of mine is 20 months old!  It just blows me away to think that she is this big!  Maybe it's because in my mind she just turned one?  I don't know what it is, but she will always be my baby!  Her little "cheese-r" and those little sparkly blue eyes get me every time!  Here is a little bit about my baby this month...

Baby girl:
- This month you have really started talking SO much more!  You try to say words and repeat things after us so more than you ever have, and now your words sound so much closer to the actual words! One of the funnies things that you have been saying is "heabee."  You have really grown a lot lately, so when we've been picking you up we'll say, "Girl, you are getting heavy!"  So now, when I pick you up {if I struggle a little in switching you around in my arms and getting you situated} you'll say, "heabee" with a little furrowed brow like you are working hard.  I mean... I die every time you say it! It is so sweet and so funny!  I will pick you up forever and ever as long as you are so sweet like this! Lol! 
-  You still love to play outside!  You love to explore in the garden & pick up little rocks or you like swinging, playing bubbles, riding in your car, or just walking up and down the sidewalk.  I love your little "explorer" attitude! 
- You are still being picky with your food. You just don't want to finish those veggies.  Carbs and sweets are your love language right now!  Ha! 
- You used to rock laying over my shoulder.... now you want to rock sitting in my lap, facing out to see everything.  This kinda makes my heart sad because I think it shows how big you are getting... that you don't want to just snuggle up with me, but you want to look out & see all that's happening away from my lap while you rock.  Because of this new transition, you have not fallen asleep on me.  My Momma heart is so happy to see you growing bigger and stronger, but kinda sad to leave that phase behind.  Here's to hoping for a few surprise snuggle sleeps in the future though!
- You have started to try to run! It is the cutest thing EVER to see those tiny little short legs moving as quick as they can!  Just too cute!  {But clearly with new quickness comes new knee scrapes. Most of the time they don't even slow you down much... you just get up, dust it off, and keep trying to go where you were headed.}
- You  have really loved playing babies lately.  You will hold your baby and rock your baby and push your baby around in the stroller. It's so sweet!  One day you will be the best Mommy ever!  You are getting good practice now with your little doll babies!
-  You and Henry have a love hate relationship! Lol!  One second you love him & the next his tail is swatting you in the face or he is licking you to pieces and you get so mad at him!  You will cry and yell, "HEe-ry." One second he is licking you to pieces and the next you accidentally step on his tail and he's a mess and mad at you!  Y'all are just the cutest together. I especially love when you hug him and he ducks his face into your body to hug you back!  
- You are for sure a Daddy's girl still!  You come running when Daddy gets home screaming his name & when Daddy is giving announcements at church you are quick to yell, "Daddy!... Daddy, daddy, daddy!"  And when he comes to sit back down from giving announcements you push out of my arms and beeline for your Daddy!  You love your Daddy & it's the sweetest thing ever! 
- You are still in size 4 diapers. You are in size 12 month clothes but I see 18 month in our very near future.  Some 12 month stuff is getting a little tight.  You are in between a size 3 & 4 shoe depending on the make.
-  You have definitely improved your climbing skills this month!  You climb up on your sisters bed & get mad if we won't help you onto the couch or Kennedie's bed!  You love to be up with everyone else. :)
-   We switched your carseat!  Sad, sad day to see our infant carrier rotate out of our van.  Again, a big mile marker for us as we don't plan on having any more babies.  You rotated into Preslee's carseat {still backwards facing} and Pres moved into Kennedie's seat & K is now in a booster!  FOUR big girls! 
- I have lost track of your teeth!  I think you have 12 still.  But on that line.... you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE brushing your "teef."  It's so funny! You will go in the bathroom ALL DAY and sneak into the toothbrushes and grab two of them and wander around the house with them in your mouth!  Lol!  Maybe one day you'll be a dentist! 

OH my sweet and fun Chantlzyn Hope!  You keep us on our toes and keep us laughing!  You have really started holding your ground this month and showing us a bit of your stubborn side... I think about how you will use that in the Kingdom!  How you will be one to not back down in sharing your faith or that you'll hold your ground in your beliefs!  I also see this precious light in your eyes... one that shows excitement & love of life!  I love watching you!  I love being with you!  I love hugging you!  I love when you get in a kisses mood and walk from person to person in our family just kissing everyone!  You are just the sweetest!  Baby girl, I love you more than I could ever say.  My heart hurts when I think of how much love there is for you in my heart!  You are loved so deeply & my prayer is that you live into that love and share it with others for the glory of God! 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Random Jan. 2017- Feb. 14 2017

Well, I wasn't sure if we'd ever make it into the year 2017 on the blog posts... Ha!  Considering it's practically June ... it's crazy I'm so far behind in blogging.  I mean... I know I'm always behind, but I've never been this far behind until now!  Oh well.   Here are a few random shots from the beginning of the year:

We had a day at the beginning of the year where it briefly "snowed:"

Kennedie & Daddy went on a pom-pom date.  They went ice-skating together:

Girls playing in the toy room:

Lunch time!  One of the first times Chantzlyn was trying to learn how to use a spoon. So cute!

Chair sitting, baby playing, sister loving:

Picture from Sawyer's school Valentines party.  I was in charge of it, so this was the only picture I snagged: