Monday, November 17, 2014


So let's just all disregard that last blog post about Preslee being 7 months old.... because she's NOT!

Ummm... I guess when you have three kids you get their birthdays mixed up.

Because she wasn't born on the 15th-- Sawyer was born on the 15th.

Preslee was born on the 23rd.

No wonder it seemed like I was writing that post so quickly after her last one.... because it was sooner than I was supposed to.

So here is to another week of having a 6 month old.... and I'll just update that last post and repost it again on Sunday.... when Preslee is actually 7 months old.

P.S.  For the record, Lantz didn't correct me.  I guess he got confused to.  So I guess we are both guilty of switching their birthdays... So sorry Preslee.  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Preslee is 7 Months Old

It's so weird to think that my baby girl is closer to being a year old then she is a newborn.  Whoa!  How does time just seem to go by faster and faster? My sweet Preslee is officially 7 months old today, and I just love her to pieces!  Her little personality is coming out even more and more every day & she is so much fun!  This month has been a big month for you!

Little Preslee:

-The most exciting thing (in my opinion) is that this month you said your first word... "Ma-ma!" Your Daddy and I heard it very clearly one night and it was the most precious thing ever!
- You will still do your fake cough every now and then and you still think it's so funny!
- You have dropped down to 5 feedings a day every 3 & 1/2 hours and you started eating SOLIDS!  Wow!  So big!  You have had rice cereal, avocados, sweet potatoes, and peas.  You have done a really great job with all the food we've given you so far.  It seems that avocados were the biggest "yucky" face for you so far, but now you eat them without any fuss.  :)
- You can sit up all by yourself! Yes, you can!  You are so big!
-You are really wanting to crawl.  You mainly lay flat on your belly, but lately you have started pulling your knees up under you & you sway back and forth for a few seconds.  I'm going to have to put a brick on your head to keep you from growing up so fast!  It's like you just want to keep up with your sisters.
- If you are in your bouncer you kick and kick still, but now you will turn yourself over onto your belly -- in the bouncer!  You like to sleep on your belly and absolutely refuse to fall asleep on your back or sitting up.  You want to be on your belly... even in your bouncer.  So obviously we haven't been putting you in your bouncer very often at all.
- In Bible class you've been getting a little fussy lately.  I'm thinking separation anxiety is setting in.
- We wake you to eat sometime between 6:45 and 7:15 and then go down around 9:00.
- You are currently wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 2 (almost 3) shoes. SO big!
- No teeth yet. But I'm thinking soon-- you are constantly chewing on things.  Everything goes straight into your mouth.
- You are reaching out for me now and I love it!  I will grab you every time I see it... it just melts my heart!
- You learned to wave this month.  You don't totally have the concept down yet, but you will wiggle your little hand around and smile so big when someone waves at you.

My sweet little baby girl.... you truly do brighten up every day.  You are so easy going and so sweet and gentle.  You love to explore all the things (and toys) around you.  You seem to be so quick on hitting all your milestones... so advanced!  I love your sweet little smile and your gentle little laugh.  Thank you for being such a little pocket of sunshine every day.  You are so flexible and easy going and I love how smiley you are.  I truly do thank our heavenly Father for giving you to me... you are my gift from above. I love you more than I could ever tell you.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Preslee's 6 Month Stats

Weight: 15lbs & 14oz (45%)
Length: 27" (89%)
H. Circumference: 17" (77%)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Preslee is 6 Months Old

I can't believe that my 3rd baby is already half way to being one year old {yesterday}!  I just don't even feel like this should be possible.  I love every single minute of Preslee!  I truly try to soak up each little stage that she has been in, but it all just goes way too fast.  I can't handle how quick it goes!  But every day I am grateful that she is mine.

Preslee Ray:

- You are still such a sweet and happy little baby.  You will have your moments of outbursts every now and then, but for the most part you are still very docile and easy going.
- The past few days you have started fake coughing and you think it is the funniest thing in the world.  You get so tickled at yourself when you make the noise and then get even more tickled when we do it back at you!  LOVE it!
- Your first attempt at letter sounds has come.  You have started saying, "Ba,ba,ba,ba,ba..." So sweet.
- You are a jumping girl!  If we hold you up you just push your legs up and down and try to make yourself jump over and over.  Or if you are in your bouncer you will just kick your legs and get that bouncer bopping up and down super fast and hard.  When you lay on your belly you will kick, kick, kick your legs.  You are so ready to use your legs full time!
- This month you have started taking naps in your own bed.  You have always gone down at night in your own bed, but now you are napping in your bed like a big girl when your sisters go down for their naps.  So big!
- You are still breastfeeding great! Six feedings a day still every 3 hours.  We have not started you on solids yet, but plan on starting tomorrow.  Mommy has postponed it as long as possible, but I need to go ahead and get you on the path to eating solid foods with my milk.
- I've noticed that when you smile and get so excited you tend to smile up at the ceiling.  Your neck just tilts back!  I love how you smile not just with your whole face, but your whole body!
- You are still rolling around and trying to move yourself, but no crawling yet.
- You can balance and sit up on your own for about 5 seconds without any support.
- You are still up sometime between 7 & 7:30 and down sometime around 10. You are an awesome night sleeper still!
- No teeth yet.
- You are wearing all 3-6 month clothes, but I need to get out the 6-9 month stuff, because I've noticed that you are outgrowing some things.
- You definitely want something to play with now a days.  You don't just want to sit.  You want to stand or hold something & play with it.

My precious baby girl, I just don't know how time can get away so fast.  My heart hurts when I think about how much I love you, but it aches to freeze time just for a moment to soak you up for just a bit longer in the sweet little baby phase.  You are so happy and you truly do bring so much joy to our lives.  My prayer is that you will grow up to know and love the Lord and continue to be so sweet and gentle and that you continue to reign joy into people's lives through the overflow of that of the Lord. You are my third baby girl and you are so special.  Words truly can't describe the amount of love I have for you and the amount of longing that I desire for you to walk in the ways of the Lord.  You are so amazing and I do thank my God every day for blessing me with you.  I love you Preslee Ray.  

(P.S.  This sweet outfit was mine when I was a baby.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kennedie's School Pictures

Okay, so I'm not a fan of the "cheesy school pictures," and don't really plan on ever ordering them, but I feel like I should at least document them to some extent.  Kennedie had fall pictures done in her KR class at school last week, and so here are the images pulled from the online gallery:

Fake smile and all she is still absolutely adorable!   {I would like to note that I curled her hair and it looked super cute, but you can't really tell since it's pulled behind her ears on one side and the bow is hiding the other!}  I can't believe how big she is getting!  I love this sweet girl so much & I'm so proud of her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I realized that I hadn't blogged since Preslee turned 5 months old and I'm about to write a 6 month post for her.  Life has been so blessed but at the same time it seems things have been a bit busy.

Kennedie is still busy in KR at school.  She has learned SO much already this school year!  I am so proud of her progress and we cannot say enough amazing things about her teachers.  They are so kind and loving and Kennedie has nothing but great things to tell me every day.  One of the biggest things she has already learned this year is how to write her name.  This may not seem like much, but she started the year barely able to recognize the letter "k" and couldn't write ANY letters.  Y'all, this is also great, because her Mommy & Daddy gave her a very long name with 8 letters-- 8!  Here is a picture of her precious name.  I always want to remember these sweet little letters.....

Sawyer, Preslee, and I have been enjoying lots of special time together while Kennedie is in school.  We had to change up our schedule some since naps are typically in the afternoon, but with us having to go get Kennedie in the afternoon that would totally disrupt nap time.  Well we moved nap time to the morning with a late lunch and the little girls have totally rocked the new schedule.  Here is a peek into their sweet relationship:

When I have all the girls we try to go to the library for some Music and Movement.  The big girls are really starting to participate WAY more and the love it and look forward to it.  Preslee is already getting in on the action.  She just smiles the whole time and watches the "teachers" just happy as a lark! So sweet!

Lantz and I were blessed to get to go to a Minister's Support Network Retreat a few weeks back.  It was so nice to get away with just the two of us for a little renewal time.  The host couples there were incredible and so loving and caring.  Lantz and I left feeling so refreshed.  We feel honored that we were able to participate in the weekend.  It was even more awesome because my good friend Laura and her husband Travis were there that weekend too.  So, it was great to catch up with them all weekend and have fun with other ministers & spouses.  (We are also very grateful to all the grandparents that pitched in to watch the girls so we could go.... we truly are blessed to have such incredible parents.)

Upon leaving the retreat we headed back to McKinney and repacked the girls and loaded them in the car and headed to Abilene for Summit at ACU.  Have I mentioned how much I love ACU before?  Such treasured memories there, and every time I'm there I make new ones.  I especially love making new memories with Lantz and the girls.  Summit was awesome and just like a cherry on the top of a sundae after the MSN retreat.

When we got back in from Summit I was blessed to be able to go to a ladies day at our church where we listened to the "If Gathering."  Wow!  What an incredible time with sweet sisters in Christ!  It was especially awesome because one of my new friends from church/ladies day became a Christian and got baptized!

Lantz has been busy mentoring 2 ten year old twin boys each day after they get out of school, and I've been busy Bible studying with two teen girls.  Lots of prayers for each of these would be greatly appreciated.

We went to the zoo together last week and it was so much fun.  We got a family pass, so I'm hoping we'll be going back again soon.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures from Lantz's phone soon.

And of course, October brings in my busy season as a photographer.  Everyone wants those beautiful fall colors in their family pictures and everyone needs new pictures for Christmas cards.  I feel so blessed that my little photography business has grown so much that my calendar filled up in September until the new year.  I have committed to 2 sessions a week this fall, which may not seem like much, but I can tell you it has proved to be a full plate with three little girls.  Next year I will probably cut down even more.  If you have never "like" my Facebook page, I'd love the support.  You can click HERE to "like" it and follow my work.

On a different note, Lantz's mom was in a wreck last week and she broke her vertebrae in her back in two horizontally.  So, to say that she is in some pain would be an understatement.  We are so thankful that she was not hurt worse, but it was pretty scary.  She has been staying with us since last Wednesday night.  She will see a back surgeon on Friday to make some decisions on what is next.  Prayers for her would be appreciated as well.

And of course I can't blog and not add a picture of all three of my loves.......

I am so grateful to my LORD the Father for blessing me with my life.  My cup is full and running over & my heart sings songs of thanksgiving to HIM.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Preslee is 5 Months Old

I can hardly stand to write this post!  I mean, how in the world is my baby girl already 5 months old?Sweet girl hit the 5 month mark 2 days ago. I seriously feel like I blink and another month just gets whisked away.  Preslee Ray is nothing short of amazing!  She is such a fun and easy going baby and I'm blessed to be able to call her mine!

Little Sunshine:

- You are smiling up a storm lately!  Your favorite targets are your sisters.  They can make you giggle and laugh almost without trying.  It's so fun to watch your interaction and your sheer awe of your sisters.  I'm still loving your big open mouth smiles & little baby giggles. It's so sweet.
- I hate to say it, but I think you are army crawling.  If I put something out in front of you and you are on your belly you can use your arms to pull you to where you want to go.  It's a long drawn out process, but I'm insanely impressed with your mobility already.
- Needless to say you are already rolling around like crazy.  Front to back, back to front, side to side... just rollin' all over the place.
- Because of your new found movement we took you out of your swaddle wrap that you'd been sleeping in.  Now when I lay you down to sleep on your back, it's only a matter of seconds until you roll right to your side or belly.  Lately you have been sleeping on your belly with your arms under your forehead.  Even when you are completely out of it asleep and I roll you back to your back, you immediately roll yourself to your side of belly.  You definitely know how you want to sleep and how you don't want to sleep.
- You are still eating great!  You are breastfeeding 6 times a day every 3 hours still. You have started pulling off of me when there is noise around.  To say you are a little distracted while you eat would be a fair statement.
- We wake you to eat sometime between 7:00 & 7:30 and lay you down sometime between 10:00 & 10:30.
- You have really been wanting to move around lately and wanting us to walk around with you.  You are not loving your bouncer so much lately.  You want to be up and in the action.
- You are currently in your 3-6 month clothing and size 2 disposable diapers.
-You are doing much better sitting up in your Bumbo for longer periods of time.
- You have started enjoying playing with some of your small little baby toys.  You are not as content just sitting and watching the world--- you like to have something to keep you occupied.
- I haven't noticed any teeth yet... we'll see if any come through this month.

Sweet baby girl, I'm seriously the luckiest Mommy in all the world!  I will never take for granted being able to call you mine.  My heart is full of gratitude to the LORD for entrusting your sweet little soul to us.  My heart aches when I think how great my love is for you.  My prayer is that the LORD will continue to fill me with HIS love that it may overflow out of me and onto you.  Thank you for sharing your sweet smiles and giggles with me and for being such a sweet, gentle, easy going little baby.  You truly are one of my great joys in life.  I love you more than I could ever tell you.