Saturday, October 22, 2016

School Pictures (K & S)

So .... this year was not my finest as far as preparing the girls for their school pictures.  I had a few "mom fails," but no big deal.

I completely forgot about Kennedie's school pictures, which isn't too big of a deal because she wears a uniform-- but I seriously just pulled her hair back in a messy ponytail that morning. Ha!

As far as Sawyer is concerned, I had no idea it was picture day at all. Apparently the school had my wrong email address down and only Lantz was receiving notification, so I had no clue.  Lol!  Again, I would have done something different with Sawyer's hair & NOT put her in play clothes, but oh well... whatcha gonna do?

Both my girls look SO incredibly beautiful! They have their big smiles on & I'm just so proud of both of them!

Here are the 2016 school pictures:

I completely snagged these off the website, because I'm not one for ordering school pictures, so K's is crazy blurry as opposed to last year, I just pulled it off & it was clear... but at least you get the idea. :) 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Chantzlyn is ONE!!!!

Holy cow!  Did I really just write that?  My last teeny-weeny baby is one year old today?  I truly can't even believe it's possible... it feels like yesterday we were at the hospital waiting to meet our 4th bundle of joy and I had to have just blinked and today is now here!  My oh my how quickly it all goes!  This was another big month for our sweet girl!

Precious ONE year old sweet pea:
- Last month you started crawling, but this month you have mastered it!   You are so fast & you think it's so funny to just try to crawl as fast as you can away from me.  I love that you love being mobile.  It's so cute to try to watch you keep up with your sisters.
- This month you started pulling up!!!!  Just earlier this week I walked into your room and you were standing up all on your own.... which means you pulled yourself up all on your own!  I'm so proud of you!  You especially like to pull up on the outside of the bath tub and take a peek in. You have not started moving yourself, just standing up for now. Yay!
- You have really started trying to talk this month!  It's so cute how you try to copy sounds.  Some words you try to copy: "ba" (ball), "pu" (puff), "bu" (bow), "hi" (hi), "poo" (poop), "pud" (pumpkin), "wa" (one {while holding up one little finger}).  Maybe more, but that's all I can think of right now.  You are also doing a lot of jibber-jabbering just to let us know you are there.  You aren't really catching onto much sign language.  Every now and then you will try to sign "done," after copying me... it looks more like a single wave right now though.
- You currently are teething.  Those top two middle teeth are trying so hard to make an appearance, and you are pretty miserable for it (hence the half smiling picture above).  I'm hoping they just go ahead and come out today so you are feeling more cheerful for your party tomorrow. Poor girl.
- You are wearing 3-6 month clothes, but they are starting to get tighter.  I'm going to need to get down those 6-9 month clothes this week for sure. I also bumped you to the size 3 diaper this week since the size 2s were starting to get a little tight.
- You have gotten picky about eating.  You are not wanting to eat your "baby food" much anymore.  Even if you like it, you are wanting something you can pick up and feed yourself.  You really just want to eat what we are eating.  This month you really took to green beans you could feed yourself, mommies smoothie in the morning, and best of all - you devoured the pumpkin bread I put in front of you.  You aren't really caring much for scrambled eggs any more either.
-Speaking of eating, you dropped down to 4 breastfeedings a day this month.  You have been getting very impatient the last week or so.  You do NOT like waiting for my milk to drop.  You start screaming when it doesn't fall fast enough for you and I have to switch sides sometimes a couple of times just to try to keep you sucking so it can fall. I try to relax, but you make me antsy because I know you are getting frustrated.  Sweet thing. We'll be starting the weening process soon I think.
- Your hair seems to be slowly coming in and it appears to be really, really blond still.
- As far as napping, you take one really big nap for 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours mid morning to early afternoon and sometimes go down for a second 30 minute nap in the early evening.   You go down for bed about 7:00 and are typically up about 6:30 the next morning.
-You love, love, love to be outside & you love to swing.  You are just so content being pushed back and forth in the swing outside.
-Last week you went to the nursery for the first time during the sermon.  Normally I would breastfeed you in the nursing mothers room & then bring you back in the auditorium with me, but now you are just too wiggly and fussy to sit still that long.
- You have really started to play with toys and be entertained by them more and more.  It's so cute to watch you explore and discover!

My sweet little baby girl, I can't believe that today your are ONE. I am so incredibly proud of you and all that you have accomplished, but part of me is sad to say goodbye to the precious little baby stage that you are leaving. You are so gentle and so loving and I'm so blessed to be able to call you my daughter. Every day you make me smile.  You are a joy and I can't imagine my life without you. I thank my God every day that He picked me to be your Mommy. My prayers is that as you continue to grow you will live into your name... that you will help bring the Hope of Jesus to this broken world.   You are more than I could ever ask for or imagine.  I get to help raise you and love you here on this earth, but ultimately you are HIS precious daughter and I hope every day to point you closer to HIM. I love you so much Chantzlyn Hope... more than I could ever articulate in words or show you.  May you always know that I love you now and forever more! 

Here is a little walk down memory lane- pictures from one year ago today:

(If you missed Chantzlyn's birth & adoption story you can click HERE to go back and read it. Also, photo credit of the above pictures goes to the very talented Micah Schmidt of Double Knot Photography. If you are in the Abilene area please contact her for all your photography needs. She is amazingly talented and has a true gift from God. She is wonderful & I couldn't imagine her not being apart of our adoption story.)

Here are a few pictures from this past month:

Standing in her crib the first time (she was mad because I ran to grab the camera instead of pick her up- ha!

And in case you are interested, here's a sneak peek at her one year pictures and a little look into her party theme:

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chantzlyn is 11 Months Old {yesterday}

Y'all. First of all, how in the world is my baby almost ONE?!  When did that happen?!  Ahhhhh!!!  Time is just flying by and I'm not sure I'm okay with this HUGE milestone creeping up on me!  Second, I can't believe that I am a day late on this blog!  I so had my days mixed up and SO thought that today was the 7th... it's not... it's the 8th.  Heyyyyy... so Mrs. I'm All Caught Up On My Blog is a day behind completely accidentally. That's okay. I'm totally fine that I lived in complete denial yesterday that my baby was 11 months old.... today, I face the hard truth!  This was a BIG month for my little girl!

Love bug Chantzlyn:
-Well, you did it!!!!  With no time to spare and a few days before turning 11 months old you mastered the art of crawling!!!!  Yay!!!  You have figured out how to get those little legs tucked under you & move and get those arms supporting you and moving!  You are so adorable & the cutest little pint sized crawler I've ever seen!  Speed is not on your side yet, but you've got it down and I'm so incredibly proud of you!
- You are also pulling up on things to your knees. Not quit ready to pull yourself up to your feet, but you will stand and put pressure on your feet now when we help you.  Yay!! A few weeks ago I came in to get you up and you were just sitting up in your crib looking around.  It made me SO happy!  I ran out and told Daddy how you were just sitting there!  It was the first time ever not laying, which meant you got yourself from laying to sitting all by yourself! I was so proud!
- You saw your ECI occupational therapist twice last month and once today.  You are completely caught up to where you need to be as an 11 month old.
- You can not only pick your food up, but now you will actually put your little bite-sized food in your mouth.... that along with all the dirt on my floor!  Who needs a Roomba when you have an 11 month old?!  Just kidding, but you are keeping me on my toes to sweep and vacuum more (which I'm sure your daddy appreciates!), but sisters aren't so happy with me that I've put all the Barbie shoes up until you are over putting things in your mouth.
- Speaking of eating, you have really branched out.  You eat most anything that we are eating.  You primarily are still eating baby food, but every now and then I'll give you tastes of what we are eating. Some of your new favorites are biscuits, strawberries, mangos, and pancakes!
- You have added a new word to your vocabulary and it is the cutest thing ever.  You now say, "Uh-oh!"  Ahh-- it's so cute!!
- You are also waving and I love it!  This sounds terrible, but it's more like a "Hail Hitler" straight arm in the air move, but it's so cute!  Every now and then you'll get the hand movement, but normally it's just kinda straight out and up to say hi or bye to someone!
- You can also clap your hands now-- which is the sweetest thing ever!
- You still just have your bottom two teeth, but I really think you may be teething right now.  You've been chewing on things, you've had clear snot, and a super low grade fever just like when you pushed those bottom teeth out.  We'll see if any new ones pop out!
- You are still in a size 2 diaper, but I think you'll be moving into a size 3 soon.
- You are still wearing primarily 3-6 month clothes, but maybe moving into 6-9 soon (although you do still wear a handful of 0-3 month clothes-ha!).
- You still love the water when we go swimming, although when we went yesterday you kept getting super annoyed with your swim hat.  Of course I wanted to keep it on your head so you wouldn't get sun burned, but you just kept trying to pull it off.  You were pretty mad at me when I put it back on.  Silly girl.
- With that, you still don't have much hair, but it's slowing coming in.  What hair you do have is very light blonde.
- We have a little Playskool "Wheels on the Bus" toy, and it is by far your favorite. You love the little people who "ride" on the bus and you enjoy taking them out and playing with them.  You also like it when it sings the "Wheels on the Bus" song.  It's super cute to watch you so entertained with it!

My precious baby girl, I am so incredibly proud of you and all that you have accomplished this month.  You have grown up so much these last few weeks and it makes me smile to think of all that you've been able to do, but it also means you are growing out of the baby phase which is kinda hard on my Momma heart.... but you'll always be my baby no matter how old.   Sweet girl, your smile lights up a room and just melts my heart!  I love you with as much love as I could ever imagine.  You are so precious to me and I'm so thankful for you every day! 


This was my little sun romper when I was a baby. 

That sweet face though!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sawyer's First Day of Pre-K

I can't believe that today was Sawyer's first day of Pre-K!!!  The next time she takes a first day of school picture it will be for Kindergarten... what?!

I have to tell you first of all how excited Sawyer has been for her new school.  She LOVED her meet the teacher night and woke up the next morning and the first thing she asked me was, "Mommy did you pack my backpack?"  I had to explain to her that she didn't go to school for 5 more days and she was a little heartbroken by it.  Since then, every day she has asked if it was time for her to start school yet. Sweet girl.   Today I got to tell her it was the day to start school & this girl could not wait!  She was ready-freddy!

She even grabbed the chalkboard & said, "Mommy, lets take my picture now!"

SO, here is my girl all ready for Pre-K:

And just for kicks, here is a side-by-side of last year's picture versus this year's picture to see how much my sweet girl has grown:

I brought my camera with me up to the school and got a few of her walking in:

She was SO big & so ready & I just love that smile on her face in the picture above!  She was so ready to take on the day.  And don't you worry.... I did bring my camera in ready to snap pictures galore of her inside, but she was so ready I barely got a high five at the door... she left me in the dust & headed into the room by herself.  She was over pictures & ready for school!  Love her great attitude today!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sugar & Spice

Kennedie got invited to a sweet little birthday party for her friend Nyah yesterday.  It was downtown at the cutest little dress-up & event center.  The girls got to pick out fancy dresses to wear with accessories and shoes, make a picture frame, get their nails done, get their hair done, pick out a new animal to stuff and adopt, walk down the runway for a fashion show, eat cake, and have a dance party.  Needless to say Kennedie LOVED every minute.  I unfortunately forgot my camera and my phone is ancient and takes terrible pictures, so I had one of the other moms send me some pictures she took {thanks Courtney!}.  Here are the few she sent me:

Walking the runway with her new pet penguin, Ray. 

Blowing kisses to the crowd.

Friend Cheney (aka: her mom was my photographer!)

All the girls from the party. Kennedie bottom far left & birthday girl front middle with pink teddy bear.

All the girls looked fabulous & I believe fun was had by all!  Happy birthday sweet Nyah!  We are so glad we got to celebrate with you!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sawyer's Meet the Teacher

We were so excited for Sawyer to be able to meet her teacher tonight at FBLC.  Sweet girl kept asking me all day when she was going to get to meet her teacher... she just could not wait.  She kept asking me all kinds of questions about where her new school was and when it started and who all went there.

{I will put an insert here to just say that we LOVED our time at NTCA the last 3 years with Kennedie and Sawyer.  We really had no desire to leave NTCA.  Due to some financial changes with NTCA we were not going to be able to afford to send her there and so I had planned on homeschooling her.  Last minute we heard that FBLC offered great scholarships for ministers kids and so we got her on the waitlist.  We found out 2 days ago that she got in for their 2 day a week program.  So thankful God provided this for our family, but I still plan on working with Sawyer on the days she is home.}

Here are some pictures of Sawyer Sue's night:
Ms. Ashley & Ms. Cherrie

Yay!! We are so excited to see what this year holds!  

{P.S.  Did y'all see I was completely caught up on my blog!  Y'all.. this happened TODAY & I get to blog about it!!!  High five me!}

Chantzlyn's 9 Month Stats

Chantzlyn's 9 month stats from this summer:

Length: 26 inches (4%)
Weight: 15 pounds & 3 ounces (7%)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (30%)