Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kennedie's Tinker Bell Party

Kennedie turned 4 on May 22nd and we celebrated her birthday a few weeks later on June 7th with a Tinker Bell party.  Last year almost as soon as her Curious George party was over with she asked if she could have a purple Tinker Bell party.  I said, "Yes," and quickly dismissed the question, because I honestly thought it would change a million times before her 4th birthday rolled around.  Well, to my surprise, she talked about her purple Tinker Bell party all year.  So, that was exactly the party that we had for her!

We had it a few weeks later than her actual birthday because life was a little crazy between a newborn, remodeling the house, and moving in.  The house is still a work in progress, but we got it cleaned up enough for the party.  The party was a little less extravagant than my other parties, but it was still loads of fun to plan for my sweet little 4 year old fairy.

My friend Natalie did all the design work for me.  She, of course, outdid herself again!  She is incredibly talented, and her talent really made the party special.  Check out her Etsy site HERE.

This year we decided to have a breakfast party & try to keep the food relatively simple.  We had donuts, pigs in a blanket, sausage balls, fruit, thumbprint cookies from Market Street, and some YUMMY cupcakes.  My friend Andrea made blueberry cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting, per Kennedie's request.  They were so delicious!

This year was also my first attempt at a "game" for a party.  I decided that since Kennedie was getting a bit older I needed to try to have something interactive for the kids to do besides play on our play set in the backyard.  I found a game on Pinterest called, "Fairy, Fairy, Tinker Bell" AKA: "Duck, Duck, Goose."  Instead of just tapping the heads, I gave the person who was it a small handful of "Pixie Dust" (gold glitter) to sprinkle on the person's head that they picked (Tinker Bell), so that they could "fly" and catch them.  The kids had fun, and Kennedie LOVED it!  It was so neat to see her get so excited about playing.

The kids ate outside on picnic blanket & played on our new pre-loved play-set and then opened presents inside to cool off after cupcakes.

Here are a few pictures from the party, but more on my Facebook page of friends & presents:

The day before the party my sister-in-law and one of my nephews and my niece came in town.  The night before the party they were helping get things together.  I love this picture of them helping Kennedie & Sawyer make our Pixie Pops (grapes on a skewer with honeydew stars on top):

Overall it was a fun party, because it was so neat to watch Kennedie get so excited about everything.  I wonder what next year's theme will be?  She's already said "Frozen" several times, and then a couple of times she's said "Strawberry."  We'll see!

Monday, July 14, 2014


I can't even begin to describe my love for these three.  They have my heart for sure, but I think they have each others too!


Don't you just love the innocence of a baby?

I snapped these when Preslee was about a month and a half old....

Love my Preslee Ray!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sawyer's Sayings

Over the past few months Sawyer has really started to say some funny things!  She has her own little language for certain things, and I love it.  It makes my heart happy to hear her little words.  I have to document some of the cuteness!

"Morning Day Mommy"  -- She says this when she wakes up from sleeping-- both in the morning and after naps.  I think it's her way of asking if it's time to get up.  Is it a new morning?  Is it daytime?  She says it while laying in her bed stirring around.  I love being greeted in the mornings to this sweet question!

"Daddy dot it." -- This is her answer for everything.  If I ask if she needs a new diaper, or if I can help her put her shoes on, or if I can rock her.  No, it's always, "Daddy dot it."  Meaning she wants Daddy to do it.  I love that she loves her Daddy.

"My dot it!" & "Sawyer dot it!" -- Sawyer wants to do a lot of things for herself these day.... especially open the door.  She is very adamant about being the one to open the door... all doors.  She also gets very mad if she isn't the one to open the doors & will throw a fit.  She is our little bellman!

"No want to." -- I hear this several times through out the day, especially around nap time, bedtime, and clean up time.  This little girl is vocal about what she doesn't want to do.  This saying also comes in a very whiney voice most of the time.

"Honey butter." -- Another thing I just LOVE to hear her say.  It's just a totally Sawyer thing.  It's her way of saying peanut butter.

"Pepper cheese."  --- This started out as macaroni and cheese.  I think because she wanted pepper on it once.  Then all of the sudden this is what she has called all pasta.... and rice.  It's all "pepper cheese" to her.  It's precious, but sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out what she is trying to reference when she says it.

"Hel-a-ment." -- Elephant.  Sawyer sleeps with a little stuffed elephant.  It's really hard to understand her when she asks for her "helament," but typically she is crying and wanting it to comfort her.

"My Dod!" --- Meaning "My God." Sawyer says this when she wants to pray.  She says it in terms of "I want to pray."

"Jesus Water." -- This may be my absolute favorite thing that my sweet girl says.  "Jesus Water" is in reference to someone getting baptized.  I was explaining baptism to her one day by telling her that the person was going into the water to come out new, that they were saying that they loved God and Jesus with their whole heart and that they wanted to follow Jesus forever, that Jesus was their King and that they were going to listen and obey God & Jesus and that they will be with God & Jesus for eternity.  Well from that dialogue came "Jesus Water."  She will reference "Jesus Water" quit a bit and will ask if people have been baptized by using someones name and then the phrase "Jesus Water." For example, "Bob, Jesus Water?"  I love that my girl is already Kingdom focused.

These are just a few sayings that are 100% Sawyer Sue.  I needed to write them down for my time capsule to remember.... to know the little things that are so sweet.  I know that each day my little girl grows up more and more and I'm hoping by having these written down it's a way I can "save" my itty bitty toddler who is learning to  use words.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I have yet again found some more pictures hiding on my camera from when we were staying at my mom's house.

These were taken when we took our last minute "maternity" pictures.

Found these little gems....

And this one....  makes me smile... she's my tree climber:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

School's Out for Summer!

Or at least a month ago it got out!  Ha!  Show how I'm still playing catch up on the blog.

Anyways, about a month ago Kennedie finished her last day of Preschool!  So crazy how fast time flies.  Here is her first day & last day picture to show comparisons:

I love the sheer excitement in both of these pictures!  So sweet!

Kennedie actually turned 4 on her last day of school.  I asked her if she wanted to bring donuts or cupcakes to school with her friends, and she picked donuts.  So Lantz went by early before she got out of bed and picked up some donut holes to share with her classmates & then picked up Kennedie & Sawyer fun frosted & sprinkled donuts.  I don't have a picture, but Kennedie had a butterfly donut & Sawyer had a start donut.  We put a candle in Kennedie's & sung happy birthday to her as a family.

We also gave her her present from us; a new swimsuit, swimsuit cover, and swim lessons.  Take note of the swim cover in the above picture.  She had a water day at school for the last day activity.  The swimsuit we actually gave her didn't fit-- it was too big (imagine that!).  So, Daddy & Kennedie headed to Target before school started & he let her pick one out that fit.

Sawyer, Preslee, and I headed up to Kennedie's school to watch her have some water fun.  I got Sawyer in her suit too so she could play with big sister.  Here are a few pictures from the last day:

And here's what Preslee was up to while the big girls had fun in the water:

Then later after school Kennedie got to go to her first swim lesson for this season.  To say she did better than last year is a huge understatement.  She didn't stop crying for 3 days last year.  This year, she walked right into the water on the first day like such a big girl, and listened to her teacher the whole time.  Here are some pictures:

Girlfriend was a rockstar for all 4 days of her lessons!  Here are a few more pictures from her last day of swim lessons a few days later:

This next picture shows how far she was able to swim all by herself:

We are hoping to get her back in lessons again this summer & hopefully she'll be swimming on her own in no time.  We are ready to get rid of the life jacket for her.

Sawyer & Preslee came to watch big sis swim on her last day (ignore Sawyer's runny nose-- she had the flu {yes, the flu in June!... and she had the flu shot!}):

A great way to start summer!


Almost a month old of sweetness....... 

I took these in the middle of some unpacking chaos because I wanted to freeze time just a bit....  Mission accomplished.  So thankful for these sweet images.

Dear Time,

Please slow down just a bit.

Thank you,
A Mommy in need of more snuggles