Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kennedie's School Valentine's Party

Of course Kennedie had the cutest little Valentine's party at school.  Sawyer, Preslee, Lantz, and I headed up for the big fun! They made a craft, decorated cookies, and exchanged Valentines.  Here are a few pictures we snagged of the fun:

Preslee also got a sneak bite of icing at this party!  Little rascal just dug her hand right into the cookie of the little boy sitting beside Sawyer when he wasn't looking.  She stuck the icing straight in her mouth and went back for more. No waiting on that first taste of sugar at her birthday for our Preslee Ray!  It was bound to happen with two older sisters!  So much love I have for my 2 girls!!

Oh, and I totally forgot to take a picture of the Valentine's that we made for K's class.  Here is the picture of the free printable we used from online.  Our's looked like this, except I wish I had a picture of Kennedie's adorable little name on the back.  She hand wrote her name on all 24 Valentine's to her friends.  So sweet!

Kennedie & the Dentist

I know, I know... we are really bad parents for JUST taking Kennedie to the dentist this year at 4 & 1/2.  Time just kinda got away from us as far as that was concerned.  We kept saying we'd call and get her an appointment, but we never did.  Well, we finally did.  We took her in January for the first time. Lantz took her while I stayed back with the other two girls.  He said she rocked it & took lots of pictures for me.  Here's what he got:

Does she look SO big or what?! Love her so much & I'm so proud of how brave she was at the dentist!


After Lantz got back in town from skiing we headed to the mall for a fun family day.  We took the girls to Build-A Bear for the first time.  Thanks to one of the sweetest ladies we know, Mrs. Lena Milstead, from church we got to go and "build" some fun memories together.  We each let the gils pick what they wanted to stuff.  Kennedie chose a giraffe and named her Lizzie and Sawyer picked an elephant and named him Bubba.  They had so much fun that day and they still sleep with them each night & play with them.  So sweet!

After all that hard work building new animal friends we headed to Braums for some yummy ice-cream!  It was such a fun family day!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Student of the Week & Sweet Sisters

Kennedie got student of the week at school and was honored in chapel.  We all went up to celebrate with her & watch her receive her award.  Unfortunately they called her name first out of all the grades and she got a little scared to go up on stage by herself. I escorted her up on stage because she was crying-- I think she was pretty embarrassed.  Afterwards she was so happy & proud of herself.  We snagged a picture with her awesome teachers too!:

And because sometimes you just need to wear your cowboy boots with your Frozen pajama dress:

Love these sweet girls & love how they love each other:

New Year's Eve 2014

This last New Year's Eve, Lantz went skiing with some families from the youth group while the girls and I stayed home and held down the fort.  We were so blessed that Binky (Lantz's mom) came to stay with us for a few days so that I had some help with the girls.  

Unfortunately Lantz & the ski crew had some bus troubles, but thankfully they were able to figure it out & get in their 3 days of skiing-- even if it brought them home a day later:

Here are some pictures of the girls on New Years Eve.  They not only made gingerbread men with Binky-- they also made lots of fun memories:

And that's how we rolled in 2015!

Christmas with Papa & Nana 2014

Well... let's finally finish up Christmas posts from 2014 before March arrives!  Ha!  The day after Christmas we headed up to Bonham to celebrate Christmas with Papa & Nana (Lantz's dad & step mom), & also Mike, Kristal, & the kids.  I unfortunately left my camera at home, which meant I had to rely on Lantz to snag pictures with his phone.  Frantz had a brisket smoked and it was YUMMY!  We chowed down, enjoyed the day together, and then exchanged presents.  Here are the few pictures that Lantz took:

All in all it was such a fun day!  We are so blessed to have such sweet family that love us and our girls so much!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Preslee is 10 Months Old Today

It just seems crazy to write about how my *baby* is 10 months old today.  Such a crazy ice day outside, but all warm inside with my little Ray of sunshine!  This girl is getting so big & so fun!  Here is a little bit about my little bit:

My Little Snaggle Tooth girl-
- You are just going and going and going this month!  Nothing is going to hold you back.  You are still crawling everywhere (and crazy fast might I add), but now you are furniture cruising and will even push your little play toy around like a walker.  Slow down sister!  I'm not ready for you to be walking yet!
- You are still putting EVERYTHING in your mouth! It's a constant watch here at the Howard house to make sure you don't get anything and stick it right inside your mouth.
- This month you got three top teeth to add to your one little snuggle tooth.  What a beautiful smile you have!
- You are still breastfeeding 5 times a day & adding in plenty of solids now.  You seem to be trying new food every day.  All you want to do is eat whatever the rest of us are eating.  You tend to fuss until I smash something up (or chew it up) and give you a little taste... and then that's all you want to eat from that point on.
- You are still wearing 9-12 month clothes & we are still fitting your foot into your size 2 shoes.
- This month you have really started trying to play with your sisters.  Whatever they are doing, you want to be right there doing the same thing.
- We have actually started letting big sister Kennedie hold you & walk around with you a bit this month because you seem big enough to handle all the crazy now.
- This month you learned your first Bible verse (kinda).  Every night we read a Bible story with you and your sisters and then after we practice saying a Bible verse with hand motions.  This month's verse is, "How wide, and long, and high, and deep is the love of Christ."- Ephesians 3:18.  We say it while raising our hands in different directions depending on the word.  Well, you being the cutest thing ever figured it all out.  You will raise your hands and lower it and "say" {"Ahhhhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh"} it while we all say it.  It is the BEST thing ever!
-You do not like the vacuum cleaner.  It scares you.
- You got Roseola this month.  It was pretty scary because your temperature got up really high.  Thankfully you were okay.
- You still LOVE the bath tub & water.  And by water, I mean any water.... including the potty water if your sisters leave the door open and the top lid up. Gross.
- You are so cute when we sing or you hear music.  You will just smile and bounce up and down.  It is adorable!
- You have finally starting giving open mouth kisses!  This is my favorite thing EVER & I'm so glad you are at this point.  I will treasure these days for as long as they last.  I know I will blink my eyes & you'll figure out how to give a kiss the "right" way.

Sweet baby girl, I just can't believe how big you are getting. You are so full of life and so sweet.  You are such a happy baby & always so easy.  Your smile lights up a room & your little kisses are too much to handle.  I am so blessed to be your Mommy.  You make me so happy and I love you so much... more than I could ever express in words.