Monday, November 23, 2015

Preslee is 19 Months Old

It's crazy how each month seems to fly by quicker and quicker!  I'd tell you it's because my hands are full, but I think it's rather that my heart is so full! Each day is filled with the mundane, and yet it's so special.  I really can't believe that these sweet little baby of mine is turning into a toddler more and more each day.  I mean, I'm just not ready to say she's a toddler & not a baby.  19 months has truly flown by & this sweet one brings a smile to our face & joy to our hearts every day! To say that you are our little clown may be an understatement!  Your personality truly does match your name, Preslee "Ray".... our little drop of golden sun!

My little ham, Preslee Ray:

- My favorite thing this month has been when you hold up your little finger & say, "Mmm back." You are telling me you'll "be right back."  It's so sweet when you hold up your finger, say "Mmm back," and run off to get something and then quickly come back a few minutes later.  It's the sweetest thing ever!
- Your "hole me" {hold me} request has lessened this month as opposed to last month.  But, you can guarantee when you make the request I am quick to oblige because I know time is fleeting where you will want me to hold you.
- I think you've settled into your big sister mode & it's "normal" now to have a new baby in the house for you.  You still love Chantzlyn so much and will still request to hold her (with Mommy's help, of course) and you love to give her kisses.  You smile so much while she is awake looking at you.  I can already see a bond developing between the two of you & that's priceless!
- Just because you've stepped up to the plate on your big sister duties does not however mean that you have slacked on your little sister duties.  You are busy trying to keep up with your big sisters and will quickly copy every single thing that they do.  You love to be right in the middle of whatever they are working on, and they are quick to get frustrated with you taking their toys or destroying their puzzles or towers.  You just want to be right where the action is.
- This month you have sat on the potty and "tee-teed" four times!  You haven't completely gotten the hang of controlling yourself, but you are definitely close to learning!  The M&M incentives surely help in the process too!
- You have such a fun personality!  You will do whatever it takes to get a smile or laugh {and I'm not so sure that's a good thing}!  You are a firecracker & so outgoing! There is no "shyness" about you.  You will run around the church building like you own the place.
- When you are disobeying us, we have found the best way to discipline you is to have you sit on your bed.  Typically just a threat of sitting on your bed will quickly change whatever behavior we are trying to fix.  The few times you have had to sit on your bed you have screamed the whole time- convinced that it is the worst thing in the world.  I'm thankful that this method of discipline has helped us train you in your behavior.
- Currently you are wearing size 18 month clothes and size 6 shoes.
- You are opinionated on what you want to eat & will quickly devour any carb or sugar placed in front of you.  Although you will eat vegetables, you sometimes will bypass them when other things are on your plate.  You get very mad if your sisters finish their food & get a treat and you do not.  Most of the times it does not convince you to finish your own food, but it does make you mad.  You do really great with soup!  I love that all protein & veggies are mixed right in and you get a good sampling!
- Any time you get to pick a piece of candy from the Halloween bowl you ALWAYS pick a Dum-dum sucker. :) Love how predictable you are!
- You are still napping once a day for about 2 hours and you are sleeping great at night.  The last few nights you have cried a few times in the middle of the night, but then go back to sleep.  Not sure if you are having nightmares or just need extra cuddles.
- You love to play babies, play with stickers, and pretend to cook us food to pretend eat.  I love your imagination!

My fun little Preslee Ray, I can't believe how big you are getting!  Your personality is as big as the sun!  You are spunky and sweet and sassy all rolled into one!  I love how you are so confident.  You are in whatever you are doing 100%! You love to put on a show and then glance over your shoulder to make sure you have an audience.  You are also so sweet.  You will cuddle up on my shoulder while I sing to you at night and you will genuinely show concern if your baby sister is crying {you will say, "ty?" as a question when she cries}.  My heart has so much love for you it can hardly contain itself.  It seems at times it might bust when I think of how much you mean to me.  I love you bigger than words can ever express sweet girl!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chantzlyn is 1 Month Old

It almost seems impossible that a month has already passed with this sweet little angel baby of ours.  I just really can't believe that I am writing this post right now.  This month has truly been a whirl wind of love & my cup truly does runneth over.  It seems crazy that this is my last baby and I'm just trying to soak up every little cuddle and movement and baby sound and little looks.  With four girls time is just not standing still for us at all so I am taking every opportunity to take in all of the sweetness of my baby.  Here is a little bit about the last month, but I hope to write out her birth story and more detailed posts soon.  

Precious baby Chantzlyn Hope,

-This past month as been a whirlwind and really the last week we have really been able to slow down and get you on a bit of a schedule.  The first two weeks it seemed like you really wanted to cluster feed a lot at night... once about every hour.  I really think it was because we were letting you sleep so much during the day that you just wanted to be held and cuddled at night and eating was a way to achieve that. :) I surely didn't mind the extra snuggles, but it made for one very tired Mommy during the day. The last week we have really been able to focus on getting you into a rhythm-- which I think you've really enjoyed too. You have been eating about every three hours during the day.  Sometimes closer to two and a half and sometimes closer to three and a half, but pretty much every three hours.  After you eat we try to really interact with you and have some good wake time, whether it's singing or taking a bath or letting your sisters get extra snuggles- it's been good to see your eyes open during the day more.  After a little wake time we are letting you nap for about an hour to two hours depending on how alert you've been for your awake time.  At night after your big sisters go to sleep we really work hard to play and interact to keep you awake.  We then have been giving you a nice warm lavender bath.  After the bath we rub calming lavender lotion on you and get you snuggled up in some nice fleece pajamas since it's been cooling down a lot at night.  Some sweet neighbors gave you a fun sound machine that projects a picture on the ceiling.  So after pajamas are on we've been laying you in bed for a little thirty minute to hour nap with the sound machine/projector on.  Sometimes you fuss for a minute or two, but mostly you just crash because you are tired.  I then wake you right before I get in bed and feed you.  At night you've gone about four hours without eating.  This past week I've been up about two times each night, and a few times it's been three times.  Really this past week you just have been eating in the middle of the night and falling right back asleep.  It's been a great week.
- Speaking of sleeping, we still haven't transitioned you into your crib in the room with your sisters.  To be honest it's been out of sheer laziness on my part.  Since I'm still getting up several times a night it just seems easier to keep you close at night.  So, you are sleeping in our pack and play bassinet and it has seemed to suit you just fine.
- And speaking of sleeping again... you do not like to be swaddled.  We figured that out the first week we brought you home.  In the hospital you would always wiggle your arms out of the blanket when someone held you, but we still swaddled you at the hospital and when we got home for a few days.  You seemed SUPER fussy every time we laid you down and I thought you might have been hungry, but eventually I thought maybe you didn't like to be swaddled.  I unsaddled you and you spread your arms out wide and fell right to sleep.  I learned that that was all you wanted.  You didn't want to be confined all tight in a blanket... you wanted to be able to stretch out and relax. Precious!  Love this tiny detail about you.  I don't know why, but it makes me smile.
- You are breastfeeding like a champ!  From day one you have latched on and been a pro.  You rarely spit up and if you do it's because you have eaten too much. You haven't had a bottle yet because there really hasn't been a need and I don't really want to pump. I'm sure your sisters would love to feed you though!
- We took you into the doctor when you were 6 days old and you were weighing in at six pounds and 5 ounces {12%} (when you were born you were 6lbs & 9oz & when we left the hospital you were 6lbs & 4oz), you were still measuring in at 19 & 1/2 inches long{40%}, your head circumference was 13 & 1/2 inches {46%} and your body mass index was 11.7.  You were a little jaundice, but not much.  The doctor was also a tiny bit concerned about your front fontanelle.  She thought it might be a little small, but she had another doctor look at it and they didn't think it was anything to be worried about, but just to watch it.  Your head sutures overlapped a bit during the birthing process and it made a small ridge on the top of your head. The doctors explained that those would move back to the correct position and possibly open up your fontanelle more.
-We took you back into the doctor for your 2 week check up and the doctor thought your fontanelle was bigger and closer to normal since your ridge had gone down on your head some.  This was awesome news!  Your stats at your two week appointment: you were weighing in at 6lbs & 13oz {12%} which was SO good, length still at 19 & 1/2 inches, head circumference at 13 & 3/4" {44%} and your body mass index was at 12.6.  So you grew quit a bit in one month & I feel like you have done nothing but get bigger since then!
- You are still wearing your newborn clothes.  Your 0-3 month stuff is still too big, but I have a feeling that it won't be long until you are in that size.  I've noticed that your newborn stuff that used to be big on you is now fitting just right. :)
- You like your wubba-nub pacifier that Binky got you.  You are not attached to it, but it does provide some comfort when you get fussy at times.  We don't use it at all at night though.
- You have already celebrated your first holiday.... Halloween! It was fun to tote you around and show you off while your sisters got as much candy as possible!
-Your eyes are very blue right now.  I know most babies eyes are blue, but yours seem very bright compared to my other girls.
- Your hair looks very blond to me right now.  There have been moments where I've seen a small tint of red, but mostly it just looks blond.
-Yesterday when you were crying it looked like there was a little water that you produced in your right eye.  It was so sad to see a tiny hint of a tear.
- Over the last few days it seems that you are becoming more and more aware of your surroundings. I can tell you are trying to turn your head at times to see if you can tell what is going on.  Or, when I'm holding you and you hear your sisters you will sometimes try to turn your head to them.  It's so sweet.
- You are aware of your feet under you.  Many times I'll try to hold you and "stand" you, and you'll put a little pressure on your feet, but not much.  It's like you know that they are there, but have no idea what's going on.
- You also seem to have really started smiling so much more frequently the last week and a half.  It's mostly random, but there are so many times where I'm talking to you or singing to you and a smile comes out at almost a perfect time.  I am going to believe that you are smiling at me intentionally and it's not random. :) Your smile is so beautiful and it warms my heart every time.
- Daddy took you into get your 2nd PKU last weekend. It was sweet that he took you up to the hospital all by himself and the two of you got a little quality time and extra snuggles after the "poke."
- If I raise you a little above my head really slow and bring you down really slow your eyes will pop right open.  You are either going to love roller coasters or hate them when you get bigger.
- The past few days your neck has seemed to have gotten SO strong.  You are trying to hold it up and turn your head and look around. Today you pulled it right up and were just moving it around when you were having some tummy time.  It's crazy how strong you have gotten!

My darling little baby girl.... my how time flies. I can't believe that you are already a month old.  You are so special to us all.  You complete our family and our hearts are full of nothing but love for you.  You have lived up to your name and carried so much hope into this world already.  I look at you and my heart swells up with a love so deep that I can't explain it.  I know that we are blessed to call you our daughter and it is a treasure that I will never take for granted.  My heart fills with gratitude when I think how blessed I truly am that the Lord picked me to be your Mommy! I could sit and stare at you for hours because you are so beautiful.  Your little baby noises are like music to my ears and every little coo that you make is a reminder of life and hope.  Your three big sisters are completely smitten by you and it's so sweet to watch all of them love on you.... My prayer is that one day you'll all four be the best of friends.  You will have a such a special sister bond!  You are so loved by so many.... more than you will probably ever know or be able to understand.  Your tummy mommy checks in on you frequently and loves to hear reports on how you are growing.  She always sends extra hugs and kisses to you.  She loves you so much and we feel honored that she followed God's directing and brought you to us. Sweet girl you have already brought so much joy to our lives.  I love you more than words can express. 

Here are a few pictures throughout the last month in order from when we brought you home to today:

Friday, October 23, 2015

Preslee is 18 Months Old

My baby doesn't quit seem like a baby anymore!  Where did my itty-bitty go, & where did this sweet little toddler come from?! Since bringing Chantzlyn home, it's amazing how big Preslee seems, but then in so many moments in my day I'm reminded that she is still a baby too. Sweet girl is getting so big!  18 months seems like such a big milestone and I feel like I blinked and we are here! So much has happened over the last month with this sweet one of mine.

Preslee Ray:

- You became a BIG sister!  You have handled it as well as possible.  You love Chantzlyn SOOOO much and you are SOOOOO sweet with her, but I can tell it has been a hard adjustment for you.  Your tantrums have increased and all day you walk around following me saying, "Hole Me." {"Hold Me."} I try to pick you up every time you ask, and give you lots of extra loving, but I know how hard this has been for you.  You are however so precious with your baby sister and you smile and kiss her so often and your face lights up when you get to hold her (with Mommy's help) or if she's awake looking at you.
- In light of becoming a big sister, you also got a new rear-facing carseat!  You love it, and it appears to be the best seat in the car! You look so big in it and it looks so much comfier than all the other seats.
- You also got to transition into a big girl bed!!  Yah!  We did this transition before baby sister got here so it didn't look like she was rooting you out of your crib.  I can't tell you how much you LOVE your big girl bed!  The first day you slept in it you thought you were just living the high life.  The smiles were priceless!  Actually, everyone changed beds... Kennedie went to the toy room bed, Sawyer went to Kennedie's bed, and you went to Sawyer's bed.  It was like musical beds at our house, but you handled it like a champ!  You have only gotten out of bed a few times, but you quickly learned that you don't get out unless Mommy & Daddy come get you.
- You are fearless!  You love to play outside with your sisters and if we turn our backs for two seconds you will climb right up the play house ladder all by yourself!  It scares me so much.  I like to stay close, but you'd rather play with out Mommy.
- You are starting to show lots of interest in the potty.  Lots of times you will tell me, "Potty" when you have already pooped in your diaper.  I am sensing potty training in the future for you.
- You have started the weaning process, and pretty much are weaned.  I wasn't expecting to cut you cold turkey, but it's almost what happened.  I was at the hospital for three full days with Chantzlyn and so you were not around.  I breastfed you once in those three days, but you really did fine and didn't ask for milk at all.  Since we've been home you have asked a few times and I've fed you a couple of times, but really you are only interested if there is a perfect storm which consists of  me feeding Chantzlyn, you being tired, and you being hungry.  If I can avoid those three things all together then you are totally fine without milk.
- You have had to sit on your bed as "time- out" a couple of different times this week. This is much more of a punishment for you then spanking your hiney.  All I have to do the past two days is threaten you having to sit on your bed and you straighten up your behavior.
- You have really had a hard time eating the past few weeks. You have only been wanting to each carbs or sweets.  You tend to throw a fit if we tell you to eat your vegetables, fruits, or protein.  You will scream and cry and ask for more of the "carb" that was on your plate.  We have been asking you to eat other things on your plate before we give you more carbs or before you can get a sweet.  You have figured out that we won't give you more and you are starting to get hungry.  The past few days you have started eating all on your plate because you realize that's how to get more of what you want and it keeps your belly full. :)
- You are starting to express yourself with words more each day.  I love how you ask me to, "Hole Me," {hold me}, and how you say, "Em Me" {Get Me}, and when I ask you a question everything is, "Noooo" in like the sweetest voice ever, and how when I ask you to say "Yes Ma'am," it's more , "Ma'a."
- You are currently wearing size 18 month clothes and size 6 shoes.
- You are napping once a day about 2 hours.  Sometimes you will take two shorter naps though. But mostly you just want to keep up with your sisters.
- You have lately been hating taking pictures.  You tend to fuss and get upset when I bring out my camera and you tend to throw a big fit if I have you try to smile. Occasionally you'll look at me and say, "Cheeeeeeese." It's sweet in the moment!

Sweet baby girl of mine... I love you so much. I know right now you are having a hard time finding your place now that your baby sister is here.  Just know that no matter what my love for you is always present, and never waning.  You are still my ray of sunshine and my heart melts when I see your precious smile.  You are energetic and outgoing and I love to see you be you.  Precious Preslee babe you have my heart in so many ways and I love you more than you'll ever know. 

In your new big girl bed, happy as a lark:

You are such a sweet big sister, and you love to point to your baby's "nose:"

No smiles for the camera here:

Love this one of my girl in an outfit that Bee made for your Aunt Feather when she was little over 20 years ago:

So serious:

My happy girl:

I know the next one is blurry, but you can see how blonde she really is after summer:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Week

In exactly one week I will hopefully be holding my precious fourth daughter {unless she decides to come early}.

It seems like such a short time when I think of all I still want to accomplish before she gets here, but yet so far away because my heart is so heavy with longing to meet her.

I feel like so much has happened over the last week, that I can hardly wait one more week!

Last week Lantz and I were able to go to Abilene for ACU's Summit Sunday through Wednesday.  It was awesome-- of course, as it always is.  Lantz and I so enjoy the time of spiritual renewal. It was awesome too because I got to spend a little time with one of my best friends from college, Laura.  It was surreal to be sitting outside of Moody each night and watch our kids chase and play with each other.  Such a precious time that I'll keep etched in my memory.

The best thing about our time in Abilene though, was the fact that our birth mom was so sweet and invited us to her doctor's appointment.  We got to hear Chantzlyn Hope's heart beat for the first time and it was magical!   My heart was full of gratitude as tears of joy streamed down my face as I listened to the sweet little, "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" sound and looked at the face of our precious birth mom who chose life for our little one.   What a grand moment to be apart of!

I also had the opportunity to meet the doctor & I'm so glad I got to!  He was very patient and was sure to answer any questions that we had. I love the fact that he prayed over us after the appointment!  Amazing!

Here is my first "bump" picture:

And here is our first selfie with our girl:

It was also great to spend some extra time with our birth mom and just get to know her better.  I can honestly say that I truly believe God has brought our two families together.  I have loved developing a friendship with this sweet lady and look forward to getting to know her even better through the years.

When we first met with our birth mom, almost exactly one month ago now, she was so sweet to give us pictures from Chantzlyn's sonogram. The girls and I have both looked at these pictures over and over and every time it brings a smile to my face.  I LOVE this little gummy bear of mine & I can't wait to give her kisses!

I have also gotten some things done around the house.

#1. We have gotten down the newborn & 0-3 month clothes out of the attic, washed them & emptied out two drawers just for Chantzlyn.

#2. Everyone has moved beds.  The crib is officially ready for Chantzlyn with a new sheet on & the bumpers dry cleaned.  I was worried about Preslee's transition into a big girl bed, but so far so good.  She has been sleeping in her new big bed for almost a week now and she loves it!  Bet you can't tell....

#3. We have ordered Preslee a new car seat.  She has to move out of the infant carrier so Chantzlyn can take over- which means she needs a new place to ride.  Good news- her new car seat should be here soon.

#4. Speaking of car seats, Lantz has moved all the seats around in the van. We are now ready for 4 carseats to hold 4 girls!

#5. I bought a pack of newborn diapers. ... Y'all, this had to make the list. :)

#6.  A sweet lady at church is monograming a blanket for Chantzlyn so she'll have something with her name on it. So precious!  Thank you Donna Corder!

#8. Lantz's mom got two new adorable little Wubba Nub pacifiers for Chantzlyn & Momma Jean picked up a few outfits for her... including some new gown sleepers.

#9.  We got "big sister" shirts for the girls {they were so excited} and a "little sister" shirt for baby girl.

I think that's it.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that's where we are today!  We are getting so close and I can feel the energy just bubbling up inside of me!

Chantzlyn Hope, my precious baby girl, my heart is ready for you.  I pray for you every day.  I get so excited every time I think about you.  I wonder what color your hair will be, or what color your eyes will be.  I wonder how much you will weigh and how long you will be.  I wonder if you'll be a good eater or a good sleeper.  I wonder if you'll be a cuddler. I wonder what your cry will sound like.  I wonder what your little fingers wrapped around one of mine will feel like.  I wonder about so many things... but mostly I wonder about how I can already have so much love for you without even meeting you yet.  Our hearts beat with love and anticipation to meet you and hold you.  Sweet daughter of mine, I love you to the moon and back. 

{And in case you are feeling generous, we are still taking donations through our idonate page HERE. Thank you to everyone who either bought a shirt or made a donation, or both. We truly are humbled my the amount of love, support, generosity, and kindness shown us. }

Friday, September 25, 2015

Her Name Will Be...

Chantzlyn Hope

Yes... Chantzlyn Hope.

We love it and we think it will suite our 4th daughter just wonderfully!

Chantzlyn:  She will be named after her father and grandfather.  Lantz has an "ntz" in is name, and his dad's name is Frantz with an "ntz."  We wanted to keep the "ntz" alive through the generations.  If we ever had a boy his name would have been Chantz.  Since our home will be filled with all things pink we  decided to girlie it up a bit and that's how we got Chantzlyn.  

Hope:  Seems only fitting.  "Choose Hope" has been our victory call through our whole adoption process.  We choose hope in Christ first and foremost and we pray that for all of our sweet babies including Chantzlyn.  Her "tummy Mommy" {what the girls call our birth mom} chose hope by choosing life for our daughter.  Romans 5:5 says that "hope doesn't disappoint..."  and we know that our hope in Christ and living in obedience to Him will never disappoint us. 

Precious Chantzlyn Hope, oh how my soul longs to hold you in my arms!  I pray for you every day and know that the Lord is keeping watch over you.  I can't even begin to explain the love that my heart feels for you already.  I got to hear your heart beat for the first time this week and it filled me with joy, love, and hope.  You are my beloved chosen daughter and I love you. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Preslee is 17 Months Old

I cannot even believe it's already time to write this post!  Ahh!  Where or where does the time go to?  I can't believe that my baby girls is already seventeen months old {yesterday}!  She is getting so big, so fast!

Preslee Ray:
- You are a handful!  You have already begun testing the limits and trying to learn what boundaries are.  You have a voice and you are not afraid to use it.. even in the middle of a store or restaurant. You have learned to rare back and flair your body and kick and scream like a pro now.  You are having to learn some hard lessons that you have to listen and obey.  It's definitely been a month of testing the limits.
- You have started becoming much more pickier of an eater.  So much so, that you will forgo eating if you don't like what is in front of you.  We are having to help you understand what it means to eat a healthy meal.  There is definitely no complaining from you in there are carbs on your plate though... I guess you take after mommy!
- You are expanding your vocabulary daily.  You are constantly trying to "talk" to us and repeat different words.  You ask for your "bu-ee" ("bunny"... your stuffed bear dressed as a bunny) when you are tired or cranky.  You say "puuu" for "puppy." You scream, "Iiiiii" ("hi") and wave to anyone that you see and you will wave and scream "byyyyye" to anyone as you are leaving.  You are so sweet!
- You are a FAST girl!  There is no holding you back!  You are running to keep up with your sisters or running carrying one of their toys that you stole or running away from Mommy & Daddy!  You think you are so funny and so fast {and you are mostly!}.
- You are still breastfeeding five times a day, but when your baby sister gets here soon we will start slowly weaning you down.
- You are wearing some 12 month clothes, but mostly 18 months, and wearing a size 6 shoe! Your feet have grown so much lately! It seems like it won't be long until you are out of those size 6s!
- You love to get right in the car and start climbing around.  You do NOT like it when we try to buckle you into your carseat.  With each trip in the car it seems I can guarantee a tantrum to go along with it.
- You are fearless when it comes to climbing. You have no idea of height.  We have to watch you so closely in the backyard because you will just run right over to the play set and climb right up the ladder without us watching.  It's so scary!
- You laugh is so contagious and your smile can seriously light up the room!  I love your dimple and your little gaps in your teeth and how you smile with your whole face!  It's so awesome!
- You still love to play babies. It's precious to watch you walk around with your baby and try to feed it a bottle.  You are going to be such a great big sister!
-Lately Sunday's after church you completely crash.  So much so, that if we get home or go to a restaurant you don't even wake up and you just sleep on me.  I love it so much!  I know those moments are fleeting.

My sweet little baby,  you are such a joy to be around.  You light up my world like no other!  You have a personality bigger than Texas and I love every ounce of it!  I love how bold and independent you are and I love how confident you are!  I pray that you never loose those traits, but that you channel those for the Lord and for His kingdom. You are so precious and I treasure moments when I can steal some extra cuddles from you.  I love how you love to give hugs to almost anyone and how you are so generous with your smiles!  Precious girl, you have no idea the amount of love that my heart feels for you.  Every day I can't imagine loving you more and then the Lord floods me with even more love to give you.  I am so thankful for you Preslee Ray.  I love you so much and I'm so thankful that I get to be your Mommy. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sawyer Starts Preschool

So about three weeks ago Sawyer finally got her chance to go school!  To say this girl was ready would be an understatement!  After watching her sister go to school for the last two years this little sister was ready to see what it was all about for herself.  She did not understand why Kennedie got to go to school a week before her and she didn't understand why she couldn't go every day like big sister!  Two days a week just didn't seem fair to her.  It was more than fair for this Momma!  It was a little bitter sweet to watch my angel girl go off on her own for two whole days a week without me, but I'm also so thankful to see her happy and enjoying it!

A week before school started she got to go in for Meet the Teacher.  She was so pumped, but sad that she didn't get to stay for a full school day.  She felt totally jipped to just be there for like thirty minutes. Ha! She was also super excited to find out that her classroom for school was the same class for church! Score!

She got there & she and Preslee immediately started playing puzzles:

What her day will look like:

In front of her cubby holding her sweet little nap mat that a friend from church made her. {Thank you Mrs. Teresa Turnbow! She LOVES it!}

She is in the puppy class at school which is so perfect for her!  Every time we are in the car or on a walk, Sawyer is quick to point out any "puppy" that she sees.  She calls herself the "puppy girl" over and over.  It was such a fun surprise to find out she would be in the puppy class!! Here she is pointing out her paw print with her birthday:

And finally a picture with her teacher.  She originally was supposed to have two teachers, Ms. Odet & Ms. Aislyn, but the split the class up and Ms. Aislyn is with other students.  Her teacher is Ms. Odet, the sweet lady on the right:

Finally the first day of school arrived and Sawyer Sue could not be any more excited:

Morning hugs from baby sister:

Sister picture (K was already at school):

Obligatory pictures with Daddy and Mommy:

Picture in front of cubby again:

So excited for her first day!  Here she is with her teacher Ms. Odet:

And this was how we left her....
Completely in the zone on a puzzle. No tears.  Totally content & ready for the day.

I'm so thankful Daddy is right down the hall if she needs anything.

I will confess Mommy did pretty good.  I was fine until I got in the car and thought about it and then I had a few tears well up in my eyes.  It's so hard to watch them get big, and yet such a blessing.

I love my sweet Sawyer Sue and I'm so proud of her!