Monday, May 22, 2017

Kennedie is SEVEN Today!

I just don't even feel like this is possible. Really?  Seven?  How in the world did seven years go by SO fast?  I LOVE being this girl's mom!  She is fun, adventurous, determined, loyal, kind, and compassionate!  She is such an awesome little girl & I'm just so proud of who she is becoming every day.

Of course I had to do our yearly "interview."  Here are the big 7 year old's answers this year:

-How old are you?  7
-What makes you happy? The dentist
-What is your favorite animal? A cat and a dog and a giraffe and a zebra
-What is your favorite thing to eat? Macaroni & cheese, and um...jalapeƱo turkey burgers with a sunny egg
-What is your favorite thing to do? Celebrating my birthday and playing with my friends
-What is your favorite TV show? Sophia, Carebears, and George, and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood
- What are you really good at?   Math and cooking and giving hugs and cartwheels, and back bends and handstands
What is your favorite movie? Alice in Wonderland, American Girl Dolls, Trolls, Pete's Dragon,
-What is your favorite color? Purple & pink & mint & turquoise & light blue 
 What is your favorite song? Song on  Trolls, Let it Go, I like to make up songs, Through it all my Eyes are On You
Who is your best friend? Gabby, Madeleine, Cheney, Kensley, Molly, Demi, Bella, Myrah, Nyah, Anani, Karissa, Shelby, Hadley, Bella, Emily, Natalie  
What do you and Mommy do together? We go hang out and shop {but not that much though}, we do math, you help me practice cartwheels, you help me practice baking, we give hugs and kisses
-What do you and  Daddy do together? We play games outside, and we laugh about his toots, 
What is your favorite sport? basketball, gymnastics, swimming, soccer
Where is your favorite place to go? Grimaldi's and Chick-fil-a, go to a dance party at the church building {The Daddy-Daughter party}What is your favorite book?   Mercy Watson
- What do you want to be when you grow up? A mom 
What is your favorite Bible verse? "How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." Ephesians 3:18
What is your favorite toy? American Girl dolls, Shopkins, I like to make stuff
- Who loves you? Mommy & Daddy, & God & my friends & Henry 

{If you are interested, you can go back and read her previous responses to see how things have changed, and how things have stayed the same: for year SIX click HERE, for year FIVE click HEREfor year FOUR click HEREfor year THREE click HERE.}

Kennedie, you are so cute & I love hearing all about you from your point of view. Here is a little about you from Mommy's perspective:

- You are super fun!  You are always looking for a way to have fun!  Your laugh is so contagious & I love how you crack yourself up sometimes!
- You have such a sweet heart for learning more about God. I love your faith! You ask deep spiritual questions and truly sit and soak up the Bible stories.  You connect your faith with the world around you. 
- You are respectful.  Of course you have your moments, but for the most part, you are very respectful to Daddy and to me and to your teachers and others around you. 
- You are very inclusive. You like to play with everyone & lots of different people. You don't want to leave any one out.
- You are determined. For over a year you have worked so hard on cartwheels, and you have recently mastered them all on your own through your own determination.  The same is true with tying your shoes, riding your bike- and now math.  I love that the question above that asked "What are you really good at?"  You did not hesitate AT ALL when you said "math."  You are actually struggling quit a bit in the math department.  You are REALLY good at reading, but pretty behind in math, but that's okay!  You are working SO, SO, SO hard every day to get caught up.  I'm so proud of you and your desire to learn and understand and master.  You are gaining more and more confidence each day in math and it makes my heart happy -- not to see you get better at math, but to see you grow and learn and try and not give up.  This is such a valuable life skill you are learning... you don't give up when something is hard - you try harder and you practice over and over.  Good job baby!
- You love to swim, ride your bike, play babies, play Barbies, draw, color, read and watch movies!  
- You are still very small for your age-- not sure your percentage, but we'll find out soon at the doctor.   Most tops you are wearing a size 6.  Most bottoms are a size 5.  
- You got to get your ears pierced yesterday for your birthday!!!  This is something you have been asking us for for several years now.  We decided that we would let you get them done & Aunt Feather called and asked us if she could take you to get your ears pierced. She desperately wanted to share that special occasion with you & was so excited when we told her yes... maybe as excited as you... maybe more!  It was so cute to watch you pick out your pearl earrings and to sit in the tall chair.  You were nervous and scared.  I prayed over you and you just sat as still and cool as a cucumber.  You didn't even flinch or cry - you did SO awesome!  You were so big!  You have been so excited about your ears getting pierced!  You have been showing everyone! 
- You are very brave & love adventure!  When zip lining in the fall you were ALL ABOUT IT!  You kept going, over and over and over.  You wanted to do everything that was high and scary!  My little thrill seeker! 
- You can pretty much swim on your own without a life jacket.  It still makes me nervous, but you have enough skill to get you where you want to go on your own.  You still need some lessons & you need to learn the basic strokes better, but you'll get there. 
- Art is by far your favorite subject in school.  In fact, you like all your specials classes- music, PE, library, Spanish, but definitely art is your favorite!  You are also very good at reading.  This year you have come home asking to "research" things.  You love to look things up & learn for yourself.  
- You are definitely a little fashionista!  Half your birthday wish list was for clothes, or shoes, or accessories!  You love to pick out a "cute" outfit and style yourself! 
You are the BEST BIG SISTER EVER!  No seriously, you help with Chantzlyn SO much!  You are quick to play with Sawyer and Preslee and give everyone turns and share with them.  {Not to say that you guys don't bicker, but you are so sweet to them for the most part.}

Kennedie, I am so incredibly proud of you and who you are becoming. I love your heart for Jesus and your faith.  You truly care for others and I know that is something that God has planted deep within you.  You are joyful and kind and you tend to include others.  You are loyal and respectful and thoughtful.  You are hard-working and so much fun!  You are an adventure seeker!  You have become a  servant lately- looking for ways to help out without anyone asking. I'm also so proud of how hard you are working at school.  Even when things are hard, I'm so proud you are not giving up.  Kennedie my deepest prayer for you is that you will continue to grow in favor with God... that you will seek Him with all your heart and desperately long for Him above all others.  That your faith will be real and transparent and contagious. That you will be passionate about the mission of making disciples and sharing Jesus with others. You are such an amazing person Kennedie and I feel so blessed every day that I'm the one you call Momma.  I love you more than you'll ever know sweet one! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Chantzlyn is 19 Months Old Today

I can't believe this little ray of sunshine is already 19months old!  Closer to TWO than ONE!   She is my little firecracker these days--- always ready to go! Time flies when you're having fun- that's for sure!

Chantzlyn Hope:
- You have started talking up a storm!  You try to repeat almost everything these days, even if it sounds nothing like what you're trying to say!
- You LOVE to play outside.  Front yard, back yard, side yard, park, it makes no difference to you!  Outside is the best place to be.  Your skinned knees are a sign of the fun you try to have while outside!  You definitely want to run to keep up, but your little legs don't go as fast as you want sometimes & you crash and burn on the sidewalk.
- You are in a bit of a picky stage with food. You will most certainly opt out of meal time if there's not something you love on your plate.
- You are into everything!  Whether it's my bathroom drawers,  your closet, or the toy room-- you just want to get into it all!
- You LOVE Henry!  He is one of your favorites for sure.  You will just walk up to him and lay your head on him and say, "Awwww," as you try to hug him. He's for sure your buddy!
- You want to play right in the middle of the big girls.  No matter what they are playing, you want to play too-- barbies, babies, puzzles, crayons... I'm pretty sure you think you are 7.
- You are for sure a Daddy's girl... with a side of a Momma's girl!  You love, love, love your Daddy.  It's so sweet to watch you melt into his arms and just bury your head into his chest!  I also love when you cuddle up in my arms at nap time.  I've even been SO blessed with you still falling asleep in my arms at nap time a few times this past month when you were really tired.  Oh, be still my heart.
- You are currently wearing size 12 months, but watch out 18 month clothing she's after you soon! Sweet girl is putting on some weight & still has this tiny little leg crease in your thigh that I could just gobble up it's so sweet!
- You are in between shoe sizes-- some 3's and some 4's.
- Diaper size 4.
- You are taking one big nap still mid morning with a short afternoon nap as needed. You go down about 7:30 and wake up about 6:30.
- You love riding in the stroller to take "Ne-Ne" to school or pick her up.
- You LOVE your sisters!  It's so sweet when we pick up Sawyer from school or Kennedie.   You will run to meet either of them & give them the BIGGEST hugs ever!  You just get SO excited to see them!  You LOVE Preslee too-- she's your best bud.... you two together are trouble!  Y'all are the best of playmates one second and at each other the next!  Best friends in the making!
- You LOVE Bible class!  You love to make animal noises and pat your Bible! You love to see your buddies: Everett, Caroline, MollyAnna, Lily, and Reese!
- You have started to throw tantrums some.  You will lay on the ground and kick and cry when you don't get your way.  You have also started making this "spitting," sound when someone tells you something you don't like. We have really had to get on to you for the "spitting."   On a similar note I have to keep myself from not smiling when you start to throw a tiny tantrum.. when you make this super cute little pouty face & scrunch your nose up and furrow your brow and stick your hands up in your arm pits. ... I about DIE every time. It is SO.CUTE.
- If I ask you where someone is, you will also make your eyes big, look around, and hold up your hands in the "where?" position! Sweetness overload! And you make an "Uh" sound while looking.
- You have really started trying to crawl up onto things this month- couch, beds, stepstool, chairs, wagon. Most of the time you are too short to get up on your own, but you sure do try!
- If someone gets an "Ou-ee" you will look so concerned and say, "Ouuuu" and give a hug. You are so thoughtful!
- You still call all shoes, "cocs" for "Crocs."  It's so funny! You'll be holding a Barbie and pointing to her shoes calling them "cocs." Or you'll get Mommy or Daddy's shoes and hold them up and say, "cocs."  You just crack us up... because whether it's high heals, tennis shoes, sandals, or flip flops they are all "cocs."

Precious Chantzlyn, I can't believe that you are getting so big! My heart feels like it could explode when I look at you.  My heart melts when you give me your sweet smile!  Your eyes light up with excitement when you are happy & there's nothing better! I just love your sweet little personality and how your eyes will widen and look around when I ask you a question.  Your facial expressions are priceless & I love how you just soak up all that's around you. You are SO smart and always looking to learn something new.  I love your adventurous spirit.  Sweet girl, you make me so happy and I feel so blessed to get to love you.  You are my girl, that's for sure! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Preslee is THREE

I can't believe my oldest tiny one is not so small anymore!!!  How in the world is my baby girl already THREE?!  Yesterday she rang in a new year and I'm in disbelief.  Babies don't keep, that's for sure! 

Each year starting when my girls turn three years old I ask them some questions just to keep track of how things change from year to year. This is Preslee's first year, so here are her sweet little responses:

-How old are you? 3
-What makes you happy? "happy, happy"
-What is your favorite animal?  "moo... cow"
What is your favorite thing to eat? pizza
- What is your favorite thing to do? laugh
- What is your favorite TV show? Sofia
- What are you really good at? brushing my teeth
-What is your favorite movie? Elsa... I love Elsa
What is your favorite color? pink
What is your favorite song? Elsa song
Who is your best friend? Ne-ne
- What do you and Mommy do together? hang out
- What do you and Daddy do together? hang out
What is your favorite sport? gymnastics--- I love namsticks 
- Where is your favorite place to go? to get  Blizzards
-What is your favorite book? Elsa song book {This is in reference to a birthday card she got from Aunt Trudy that sings a song -- and not even a song from Frozen- Ha!}
What do you want to be when you grow up? Be a band
-What is your favorite Bible verse? "How wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." Ephesians 3:18 
What is your favorite toy? Babies
Who loves you? Ne-ne loves me

And here's a little bit about my girl from my perspective:

Preslee Ray:

- You are so big!  You can hang right with your older sisters and feel that there is nothing holding you back!
- You are completely potty trained - day & night- with just some accidents here and there when you are playing too much & not stopping right away when you should.
- You have recently started finishing all the food on your plate instead of bypassing a meal because it wasn't something you "liked." 
- You are my adventure everyday.  I feel like you go to the extreme in all you do. You are my outdoor girl- willing to play and get dirty and explore! 
- You love bubbles, painting, Barbies, and babies. 
- You enjoy storylines & will sit for a movie, tv show, or a book. 
- You take about a 2 hour nap each day.  You go to bed around 7:30 and get up around 6:30 each day. You are a really great sleeper!
- You are now in the phase when we ask you to smile half the time you will still smile with your eyes closed.
- You have no problem sneaking around to get what you want but sometimes your guilty conscience will get you & you'll turn yourself in.
- You call your sisters, "Ne-ne," "Dawyer," "Chantz."
- You have a style all your own. So many times you want to layer your clothes and wear jean shorts under your dresses or put two shirts on.  You always want to wear your sisters pajamas, clothes, and panties, so half the time you are wearing clothes that fall off of you.
- Your hair is curly in the back and straight around your face. Most of the time you won't let me do anything to it, so it typically just matches your personality- wild!
- You have a fake American Girl doll and you call her your, "Mera girl doll."
- At nap time you now sleep with something different at each rest time-- sometimes it's your bunny and blanket, sometimes your sisters panda or Sawyer's Elmie, sometimes a different blanket-- but typically you still always want your sock monkey blanket that Mikala made you.
- You are a rough and tough girl!  We have to remind you over and over not to hit your sisters or our new dog Henry.  You tend to resort to violence when you don't get your way, or even just for rough play. We have to tell you that not everyone wants to play that rough.
- Your laugh and your smile are still priceless!  You light up a room when you show us your dimple! Your tiny voice in giggles is such a sweet sound!

Oh Preslee Ray!!  You will always be my Mavryk!  I wanted to name you that, but your Daddy thought it was too much of a Tom-boy name. I felt like it was an adventurous name & that's exactly who and what you are-- my adventure every day!  You "go big" each day-- big smiles, big fun, big fights, big tantrums, big mischief, big love!  You are so fun and so crazy and I'm so insanely in love with you. You drive me crazy in one minute and have me laughing the next!  I'm so thankful I get to be your Mommy!  You are daring and kind and silly!  My prayer for you daily is that you will channel all  that you are into the Kingdom of God!  I think about you using all your gifts to God's glory & it makes me giddy to think of all the good change you can help bring in the name of Jesus. I love you more than you'll ever know-- you are for sure my "Ray" of sunshine!  

And a walk down memory lane....