Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Easter 2015

Yes.... Easter.  I know it's almost the 4th of July, but I can't seem to keep up with my little blog.  We have been so busy the last few months with our adoption paperwork, that everything else has been pushed aside.


Let's talk about what we did for Easter this year!

First up we had a fun time with all three girls dying eggs.  Well, really Preslee sat close by and enjoyed watching her sisters while chowing down on some Puffs.  They loved it of course... they got to unleash their inner Picaso!

Then we decided to try something new.  We typically take our family Easter picture after worship service on  Sunday before rushing out to my parents house.  Well, this year we decided that we'd get all cleaned up and put on our Easter clothes on Saturday.  Then we could take our picture and not feel rushed (and tired and in bad moods).  It actually worked great, & I think we'll implement it in the future.

Here was this year's Easter picture:

And of course, for are all of our years in order to see how our family has changed: 

I love this fun family tradition.  I only wish we had started it that first year we moved back to Texas- which would have put Kennedie at 11 months old. :) Can't wait to see if our 4th will be in our picture next year. 

My sweet big girls... the best of friends:


Crazy Faces:

My sweet girls...... I love them so much!  They are such blessings!

And those dresses... so cute, right?! My talented mom made them!  Here they are with their talented seamstress, "Bee:"

And Baba was there too helping everyone smile, so we had to get one with her:

My girls & me:

But really... they are Daddy's girls:

And sweet Miss Kennedie wanted a picture by herself.  She picked her pose & location:

And Preslee babe was there too... don't forget!

On Sunday morning the Easter bunny left some goodies for the girls, and boy did they have fun with it! 

Here are all their baskets sitting out ready for them & their eggs stuffed ready for our egg hunt later in the day:

Here is Kennedie's basket:

Here is Sawyer Sue's: 

Here is Preslee's: 

The fun:

Later in the day after worship we decided to do Easter at our house.  This way Preslee could nap in her own bed & it would keep things a little simpler for us.  Everyone always seems to be waiting on us for lunch anyways... this seemed to be a good solution.  Mom, Dad, Momma Jean, & Poppa all came over for lunch & our egg hunt. 

I found this little gem of my parents being silly while I was going through our Easter pictures. Ha! Makes me laugh:
Here are all three of my "Ray's"... Michael Ray, Preslee Ray, &  the original "Ray," Charles Ray:

Getting ready for the egg hunt... we had to do it in the front since the back was a mud pit:

And they're off {little sister, Preslee, was asleep by this point}: 

And the final products... except Kennedie already dumped hers all out, and she only had one left in her basket:

Overall we had a super fun weekend.  I love spending time with my people!  Such great memories! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Preslee is 14 Months Old

I can't believe this little firecracker is already 14 months old {yesterday}!  Didn't she just turn one??  I love this sweet, sassy, silly girl!  She gets bigger every day and is racing to catch up with her sisters!  Just slow down baby girl!

Baby girl:
- This month I feel like your vocal cords have come out more than anything.  You are trying so hard to talk & understand everything exactly.  You will just sit and "jibber- jabber" for the longest time.  You'll point and "talk" about different things. You are also EXTREMELY vocal about things you don't like.  You will quickly "scream" it out if there is anything happening that you don't like.... especially if you get into something you are not supposed to be in and Mommy or Daddy take it away. Whoa!  Girl... you have got some pipes!
- Your little teeth just keeping coming right on in.  You now have 10 soon to be 12 teeth.  Those back molars coming in have not been fun at all for you.
- You have started discovering your freedom (or lack of it).  You will want to walk all around the church building, and when I took you to the pool, you wanted to just venture on your own (with a life jacket).
- You are still breastfeeding.  Most days 5 times, but there have been some where we only get 4 feedings in due to some crazy summertime schedules.
- You love to eat anything that we are eating!  We can't hold back. You will point and grunt until we get you just the right bite that you are wanting.
- You LOVE to cuddle with your blankets and bunny in your crib.  It's so cute!  I really don't remember your sisters taking to cuddling up with many blankets at your age, but you are all about the more blankets the better when it's time to sleep.
- You are still wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 & 5 shoes.
- You love to get things out of the dishwasher, or out of my bathroom drawers.  You have especially taken to your toothbrush & love brushing your teeth!
-You really like to play with whatever toy your sisters are playing with.  And what I mean by that is that you really just like to take away whatever your sisters are playing with.  Kennedie will run through the house screaming, "No Preslee!"  You will be quickly behind her just laughing away thinking it's a game to try to get her & her toy.  It's so funny!
- You still go down for two naps a day.  Sometimes it's only one really long one, but we try to get two in.
- You are a great dancer!  When we ask you to dance or "shake it" you will start swaying and picking up your legs in a high knee fashion and turn in circles with a big smile on your face.  Adorable!
- You still love to grab your bow out of your hair too!

Precious girl, you are so fun!  This month I feel like your little personality is just coming through!  You are a little ball of energy and your smile is to die for!  You still light up a room & captivate my heart.  I love you more than I could ever put into words sweetie pie!